Emergency Contact

We understand that you may need to contact us in case of an emergency. The definition of an emergency is:

. No heating (when temperature is sub zero)
. No water (please call Anglian Water first on 03457 145 145)
. Gas Leak\Smell of Gas in property  (please call National Gas Emergency on 0800 111 999)
. Where the property is not secure

Please note that if it is not a genuine emergency and is a routine repair, you may be held liable for the cost conducted during this time.

We therefore have some contractors who will be available for emergency repairs, their contact numbers are as follows:

Plumbing & Heating
The Heat Corporation 07584 495295
Elite Plumbing 07867 783147
Savage & Keightley   07724 743437

Fensome Locksmith  07939 007867

Voltmetric Limited  07534 858706


MME 07578 456846

If you do need to instruct an emergency contractor for any reason please also notify us via email assetmanagement@oriordanbond.co.uk